About Us


Our group came into existence in August of 2012. When a family of refugees from Kyrgyzstan came to America and wanted to go to church, but they did not know or understand English well enough to understand the sermon. After that, the family decided to partner with New Hope First Baptist Church, where their son is a member. Since he is a Russian-speaker, he started a group that is open to any nationality who can speak and understand Russian.

Currently there are no Churches in the greater Austin, Texas area that translate their services into Russian nor is there a Russian-language church, so it was decided to start a Bible study group for Russian-speakers in the city of Cedar Park, Texas. 

Today we are a multinational group of believers who come from various countries where we meet together on Sundays to glorify God in different languages: English, Russian, Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Tajik. We sing songs, listen to a sermon, we have a children's ministry, and after the meeting we hold a community meal so we can fellowship together.

As we grow and expand we are wanting to embrace other cultures, ethnicities and language groups to create an international Church. Currently English and Russian are used as the main languages but we would like to offer translations into other languages as people come and grow with us.